Ravent: Who We Are

Ravent: Who We Are

The correlation between the survival of a business and consumer feedback is an apparent one. How a company’s customers perceive them and/or their products can either make or break the company. This is especially true in the Information Age, as the internet, social media, and smartphones not only make it nigh-impossible to hide anything from the public but enhance human interaction as well. Platforms that utilize the internet to connect both businesses with their consumers are crucial in today’s society, and this is why an entity such as Ravent is important.

The blog’s mission statement is as follows:

Ravent was created to bridge the gap between businesses and consumer engagement by providing a platform where consumers could provide feedback on business products and services and business can use that feedback to improve their customer experiences.


In essence, Ravent is an internet-based platform that was established in order for both consumers and businesses to have a means of interacting with each other. Ravent primarily focuses on consumer feedback. As I have mentioned, consumer feedback is important to any business, and it provides businesses with the criticism and praise that they need to improve. For example, if a customer is unhappy with the services they have received, through Ravent they would be able to express their issues in a creative, constructive, and exciting way. Ravent places power exactly where it belongs: in the hands of the consumer, and this is what makes us stand out in comparison to similar services.

In addition to providing a space for consumer feedback, Ravent as an organization is here to examine the importance of consumer interaction as well. For example, Ravent regularly features articles on its blog which discuss certain companies and how they have been affected by consumer interaction, or the lack thereof. Thus, Ravent is not only a means of business-consumer interaction, but it provides real-world evidence of the importance of customer satisfaction as well.

Ravent seeks to completely revolutionize the business world by providing consumers with a fun and new way of interacting with the businesses that they use, thus bridging the gap between them. Ravent also seeks to provide evidence of the importance of business-consumer interaction as well. As the internet becomes increasingly important in our society, the survival of any business depends on how well they can adapt to this changing world, and Ravent provides them with such an opportunity.

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