Entrepreneurship Series

Dr. Christopher Bishop “Mid-Atlantic Children Services, Inc (MACS)”


Dr. Christopher L. Bishop created Mid-Atlantic Children Services, Inc (MACS) in 2003 with the goal to assist children and families in need. His graduate research was conducted at the Progressive Life Center and he witnessed how the integration of treatment and culture improved the lives of families. This work transformed how he viewed psychological work and his beliefs that theory and culture were a necessity to healing. His commitment to ensuring that children and families receive culturally competent interventions became the cornerstone of MACS. MACS has dedicated time and services into providing psychological and therapeutic services to various public charter and private schools. MACS is well known for diagnostic and educational assessments, individual, group, and play therapy to address the needs of children and families and to improve their socio-emotional functioning and address educational barriers.

In 2008, Dr. Bishop created Mid-Atlantic Psychological Services (MAPS) to focus on adult mental health and address the complex issues that impact individuals from young adulthood to later in life. Dr. Bishop and his team have made the commitment to assist this population. MAPS, through psychological and community interventions, provides clients with the knowledge and tools to create a positive self-transformation. MAPS believes that familial, historical, cultural, and spiritual energy are essential to explore when assisting individuals through their process of healing and evolving.

Over the years of providing psychological services, evaluations, and consultation services, Mid-Atlantic Services’ history of providing psychological assessments, treatment, and consultation services has grown exponentially from a single practitioner to an organization with several practitioners working as psychologists, therapists, counselors, evaluators, and forensic examiners. Their motto is “Changing Lives for a Better Tomorrow”, which represents their core values.

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Megan Stewart “PCOS Awareness Association”


Megan-Marie Stewart is a seasoned Businesswoman who resides recently moved to Northern Virginia. Born in Boston, MA and raised in Seattle, WA, her passion for all-things business and helping others began early on and has stayed with her ever since.

Currently, Megan-Marie works for Capital One at their corporate office. Additionally, she is the proud Founder & Executive Director of PCOS Awareness Association, the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to the advocacy of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Megan-Marie’s mission is to revolutionize the way people approach education surrounding PCOS awareness. Most importantly, she is extremely dedicated to fighting for women with PCOS.

Throughout the years, Megan-Marie has received a multitude of awards. Recently, she was the Winner of BECU People Helping People Award and a Winner of the 2015 Color of Teal’s Survivor Award. She also was nominated for the prestigious L’Oreal Women of Worth Award.As a passionate, selfless, and philanthropic individual, Megan-Marie is very committed to her community and consistently gives back to those in need. Needless to say, her work ethic and devotion to inspiring others is unwavering.

When she isn’t focused on her multifaceted career and volunteer work, Megan-Marie enjoys taking classes on topics of interest, networking, and discovering new places. Megan-Marie Stewart holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Project Management and is currently working on her Masters in Leadership.

Her motto is “All that we are is a result of what we have thought” ~ Buddha.

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Darius Clair “D.E.A.L.S. & EGO Entertainment Group”


Darius is the CEO of D.E.A.L.S (Dreams. Entrepreneurship. Ambition. Lifestyle. Sacrifice.) And EGO Entertainment Group. At D.E.A.L.S. Darius hopes to inspire many people to be in pursuit of their dreams, whether they seek entrepreneurship or not. His aspirations are to help others while bringing their ideas to life through investments, networking and workshops aimed at entrepreneurial independence. Darius wants to help others craft their skills into a business, discover their passions and believe in what they can achieve when you trust your heart & have faith. Helping, empowering and coaching are his top priorities for D.E.A.L.S. Darius 3 keys to success and freedom which are: personal development, wisdom and “your why.” If you don’t grow as a person, you can’t grow as a business and if you don’t have a “why” you’ll never succeed. Darius hopes his personal story be living proof of that and an example on how to get your deals up!

At EGO Entertainment Group Darius helps everyone to enjoy all that Washington DC has to offer from nightlife, day parties and brunches to happy hours, networking socials, and black tie events! The main goal is create a memorable experience whether through music, hosting, promoting or event planning is to bring people together in a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment where they can mingle, network, and have a good time. Our goal is always to provide you with an “experience” as opposed to just a party!

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Sherrell Moore-Tucker “Author, Speaker, Natural Health & Wellness Professional”


SHERRELL MOORE-TUCKER is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness expert who specializes in holistic stress management.

Sherrell is the creator of MindBody FAITH. An approach to wellness that bridges the gap between science and faith while exploring holistic tools and techniques for health and healing. One of those tools is Faith & Flow Yoga®. A yoga practice that teaches people how to use their faith, body, and breath to raise their level of consciousness, reconnect with God, and themselves on a deeper mental, spiritual, and physical level. She also created Sisters Who Meditate® as an international movement designed to educate and support women who want to cultivate a spiritual practice and discipline utilizing Christian meditation and prayer to deepen their relationship with God.

Sherrell is passionate about educating people about mind-body principles that are applicable to everyday living. She serves her community by educating communities and businesses about various forms of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques for addressing stress, social and health-related trauma, as a form of self-care. She is registered with the National Yoga Alliance and Holy Yoga. Her specialties, background, and studies include Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow-style yoga, Yin yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga for Race Based Traumatic Stress Injury, Holy Yoga, Mindfulness and Christian meditation. She is also, a certified natural health consultant through Trinity School of Natural Health, and a Thai Yoga Bodyworker.

Also a gifted writer, she is the best-selling author of the book “Transparent Faith” and a contributor for Faith & Fitness Magazine, Sacrifice Fitness Magazine, Urban Faith Magazine, AFIYA Magazine, KD Gospel Magazine, Team Jesus Magazine, Gaiam, and Do You Yoga. Sherrell has been featured in Elite Magazine by YHA, YOGAudacious, Bold Favor Magazine, and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine. Her television and radio appearances include: WHUR’s The Daily Drum, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Atlanta Live, Sisters4Fitness, and Let’s Talk Sarcoidosis.

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Davon Carey “Artist”


Davon Carey is an artist, painter, and creator from Baltimore, MD. His art is soulful, unique and full of life. Davon uses his life experiences and events as inspiration for his work ranging from drawing, painting, video and photography, However “His Art Ain’t Free” which is the title from one of his video creations expressing the life of artist and much more. Through his artwork he revels the in-between spaces of life that we often seek but do not notice which makes his artistic style a one of kind.

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Onyi Esochaghi “Adachic Event Planning”


Onyi Esochaghi is Owner and Founder of Adachic Event Planning. Adachic Event Planning is a full-service planning and design company specializing in Event Planning, Event Décor and Specialty cakes. They take absolute pride in their work and their goal is to be able to cater to any of your special event needs and they specially design everything with the client in mind. The outcome – Chic moments created for your special events. “Creating chic moments, one event at a time”, they are Located in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) – serving a wide variety of clientele both local and out of state.

Onyi networks with the some of the best event professionals in the business while planning your full production. She carefully works with you to help find your dream event location and find the best vendors for hair, flowers, videography, etc. The Adachic Team will guide you through the journey to your special day and bring your vision to life.

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Website: http://www.adachiceventplanning.com

Daronte Bennett “Taylor Ra’ Milan Fashion”


Daronte Bennett is the CEO and Founder of Taylor Ra’ Milan Fashion. As a Baltimore, MD native he understands that “Building a look for the sensible taste” is essential. Daronte’s vision for Taylor Ra’ Milan Fashion is to reach the local and national markets but also to be branded as a global appeal, therefore he created 3 variety of clothing line collections to expand his brand.

NAKEDbyTRM – is a female based collection showcasing underwear, swimwear and lounge wear.
AlphaXOmega – Fit features all sportswear and athletic gear.
Fortune – the leader of the new school of prep, deliverers a formal and casual look on the low and high end. The clothing line is affordable for all but yet produce great quality.

Daronte says that “Walking through the streets of every city with Taylor Ra’ Milan Fashion allows people to see that that brand is for you, “THE PEOPLE.””

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Brittany Young “B360 Baltimore”


Brittany Young is Baltimore native and an engineer by trade; she has worked at companies like McCormick & Co., NASA, JHU APL, and Key Technology Inc. She has programmed nuclear & power plants, manufacture products, developed medical devices, and plan satellite explorations, but finds the most satisfaction in her roles in STEM education, mentoring and overall service to her community.

Through her professional experiences, she became empowered to create opportunities that increase diversity in STEM fields and counter negative narratives. In partnership with Baltimore City Community College and NASA, she serves as the project manager of the BCCC STEM Scholars Program -merit based scholarship and internship program designed to increase the number of African- Americans in the STEM field starting at the community college/GED level and to help diversify with NASA and beyond.

Brittany is the founder of B-360 a an organization that utilizes dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities. Through STEM education, community engagement, workforce pipelining and events the organization is changing the perception of engineers and dirt bike riders. It is the recipient of Baltimore Corp’s Elevation Awards (2016-2017 Cohort) , Social Innovation Lab at Johns Hopkins (2016-2017 Cohort), Warnock Foundation ( Spring 2017) , Smart Logic Women in Tech Grant (2017), Red Bull Amaphiko Fellowship( 2017), joined Baltimore City’s Mayoral Dirt Bike Task Force, won Black Girls’ Ventures Boss Up Baltimore Pitch Comp, been named the number 8 start up in Baltimore City by Technically’s REAList, been listed as a 2018 B’More History Maker, awarded Community Law In Action “Inspiring Voices” 2018 and most recent has become the first Echoing Green Fellow native to Baltimore City to work in Baltimore; the global fellowship has previous fellows such as Michelle Obama. Since launching in March 2017, support of the program has allowed the organization to service over 2,200 students and counting and employ dirt bike riders. B-360 is focused on working with the community,students, dirt bike riders, and government officials to create solutions that benefit all.

Brittany describes herself as a socioeconomic engineer – connecting people, resources and opportunities to those in need. She wants to use her experiences to build solutions that benefit the community, uplift voices and challenge people to tap into their inner genius.

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Website: http://www.b360baltimore.org
Facebook: @B360Baltimore


April Cook “April Cook Salon, LLC”


April Cook is the Owner of April Cook Salon, LLC. At her place of business they teach their clients to maintain healthy hair with respects to the body as a whole. They provide clients with an opportunity to express their individual personality and fun side without going against the integrity of their hair.

April’s journey started when she was as a little girl in the hair salon, admiring the work of other stylists, which helped her realize her purpose in life. After this realization, she began to practice and perfect her gift and craft.

In August 2012, she attended Regency Beauty Institute in Baltimore, MD where she was
educated on proper hair care, styling, and sanitation. In August of 2013, she received her Cosmetology License for the State of Maryland.

The vision of April Cook Salon became a reality after furthering her education in the T.R.U.T.H mentorship program under Angela Beard Hardy, the owner and operator of Simple Wellness Hair & Day Spa in Baltimore, Md. During the mentorship, she gained knowledge on business building, as well as how to style and nourish hair from a holistic perspective, working from the inside out.

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Website: http://www.aprilcooksalon.com
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Femi “Gfem” Ogunjinmi “Motivational Speaker- Relationship Coach”


Femi Ogunjinmi also known as Gfem is a magnetic motivational speaker, vibrant Talk Show Host, loving husband, father, and caring brother, whose core desire is improving lives of the people and the community. His belief is that the largest room in life without a wall is improvement. Gfem is known off and on the air for providing audience life improving messages on Interpersonal Relationship and Spiritual (Word of God) subject.

Gfem Talk Show radio career began in November 2009 on Blogtalkradio. Now the show has been heard on terrestrial stations (Jack 102.7FM, WOLB 1010 AM, WWIN 1400). Gfem holds a Bachelor degree in Biology, Master degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Financial Management. He’s still using his degrees to work in fortune 100 companies. The background and experience in these fields have positioned him to spark meaningful discussions on air on the following salient topics: Career, Education, Health, and Finances including Relationship and Living word. When it comes to engaging the audience, Gfem is a man to reckon with. He’s articulate, vibrant, and prudent in his delivery.

Many of his speaking and hosting career includes the 2012 Fest Africa event that garnered thousands of people with different background. He served as an event moderator for 2012 Nigerian Reunion Conference Town Hall Meeting. Gfem was invited to speak at the 2012 African Diaspora Conference in Nigeria. That same year, he was also invited to RCCG Jesus House Baltimore to address young-adults group on the topic, “When Sex Happens.”

Friends and colleagues regard him as been resourceful. He does all he can to help others. Gfem has partnered with many media and organizations in an effort to help promote their events and raise awareness. In 2014, Gfem partnered with International Association of African Non Governmental Organization (IAAN) to galvanize African political, business leaders, and citizens for Social Accountability Summit. Other organization Gfem has partnered with includes the Washington Post subsidiary, ROOT DC, Women Empowered to Achieve the Impossible (WETATI), Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians (SLAAM) etc. Little people know that Gfem is also a drummer. His ministration, dexterity, and charisma on drums has made him a sought after drummer for many musicians.

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Symone Audain “AxD Brand, LLC”


The Woman Behind It All

Ms. AxD is Symone and she is a Powerhouse!
She thrives on developing concepts and building ideas and making the impossible possible. She loves nothing more than a challenge, its an opportunity for her to motivate others to see that “Any and Everything is Possible.”

With Symone’s passion for cultivating businesses she formed AxD Brand – the Authentic and Dedicated Brand Management Group – as a platform to reach and assist developing talent and businesses. Symone has worked with nonprofits, start-ups and individual talent to organize business practices, create branding initiatives and produce logistics for special events.

“Before AxD Brand, I trained at companies like Mercedes-Bens for NY Fashion Week, Warner Music Group and Victoria’s Secret for their iconic fashion show. It’s funny, I say training because that is what each and every experience was. Training. I was exposed to the in’s and out’s of running a business and building a brand, the hard work, dedication, and financial understanding. I decided to launch AxD Brand to offer the expertise I gathered to new business owners that want direction, or the artist that doesn’t necessarily know much about the business aspects. The ones that are frustrated but ready to put in the hours to reach their full potential. Those are the people I enjoy working with, the ones not afraid of success” – Symone

Currently Ms. Symone enjoys speaking engagements and sharing on her experiences and knowledge. She manages several independent projects under AxD Brand and is the Special Events Coordinator at The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, managing the New Year’s Eve Spectacular, 4th of July Celebration, and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, and various parts of Light City Baltimore, Artscape and Baltimore Book Festival.

About AxD Brand
AxD Brand specializes in Branding Strategies & Event Logistics for creatives, innovators, and do-ers. Essentially we Build Your Brand. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform of quality, credibility and experience. With our innovative Brand Management services, we work with each client closely to develop an action plan. We have worked with start-up’s, nonprofits, and individual talent to organize business practices, create branding initiatives, and produce logistics for special events. AxD Brand is the Authentic & Dedicated Brand Management Group

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Website: http://www.axdbrand.com
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Christian Craig “Hair So Me, LLC”


Christian Craig is the founder of Hair So Me, LLC. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and graduating with a business finance degree at Central State University, Christian developed his passion and drive for entrepreneurship by starting Hair So Me. He started the Hair Company because he saw that other businesses were not focused on quality but only price and at Hair So Me they focus on quality and not just price. Christian wants customers to feel elegant while looking beautiful at the same time, but more importantly the company prides itself on great customer service which has lead to the growth of clientele, customer rapport, and an established brand presence in the hair community since the inception of the business. Hair So Me, LLC is a community owned business and their mission is to “Wow each customer with hair so bold, hair so confident and Hair So Me.”

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Dr. Alexander C. Nnabue “Visual Eyes”


In 1994, Dr. Alexander Nnabue’s passion and desire to provide quality eyecare for all individuals lead to him start his practice “Visual Eyes”, originally, with only one location. Over the course of the last seventeen years, Dr. Nnabue has crafted his practice into six thriving state-of-the art eye care centers servicing the Washington Metropolitan area.

Today, Visual Eyes is one of the largest minority owned optometry practices in the United States. As an independently owned practice with multiple locations, Visual Eyes strives to achieve a personal touch and individualized care experience for their patients. Each office is assigned an experienced doctor, who understands and shares in Dr. Nnabue’s vision of the value in personalized eye care which allows all the Visual Eyes locations to maintain a focused private practice feel.

Visual Eyes is not only committed to excellence within the community but will always go the extra mile to ensure that their patients have a good experience at their locations. Visual Eyes driving mission is for each doctor and team member to ensure that all of their patients receive excellent professional eyecare and quality customer service they deserve. As dedicated eyecare professionals, they recognize the trust their patients place in them and it is their goal to meet and exceed a patient’s expectations.

Charitable Work

Dr. Nnabue is currently an administrator for Vision Source, a franchise of over 5,000 optometrists in the United States. He is also a member of the board at the National Children’s Hospital, one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in the world. Additionally, Dr. Nnabue is a director of the nonprofit Sustainable International Medical Mission which has allowed him to perform over 18 medical missions to Nigeria where he has provided more than 100,000 pairs of glasses and surgical supplies to thousands of patients from Imo, Rivers ,Ekiti , Kano , Adamawa and Kaduna States. Furthermore, Dr. Nnabue is the provost for the Nigerian Friendship Association (NFA) which has renovated schools in Nigeria, particularly in Anambra and Imo State, equipped schools in DC and Maryland, as well as provided scholarships for students attending Nigerian universities.

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Brian “Graphic Designer”


Brian Lasan is a Nigerian-American, Baltimore-based artist. He currently works for the Baltimore Mayor’s Department of Communication as the Multi-Media Coordinator. Brian graduated from Frostburg State University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication.

Brian’s work is mainly inspired by pop culture, music, video games, films, television and writing. His technique is a combination of classic painting techniques, dry mediums and the integration of digital technologies. Most recently his illustration is influenced by contemporary artist such as Sam Spratt and Norman Rockwell, as well as classic masters such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

Through the study of their works he learned the importance of imagination, reference, and the use of lighting, shade and shadows in the creation of realism in his artwork. Apart from his goal of sharing his art with the world, his desire is to inspire a new generation of artist by helping younger less experienced artist to understand the resources available to them and how to develop practices that will help them succeed in the art world.

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Website: http://www.lasanbrian.com
Facebook: @lasanbrian
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Avalaura “Avalaura’s Healing Center”


As the founder of Avalaura’s Healing Center where she uses a holistic approach to help clients deal with challenges and life issues that stop them from living fully, completely and authentically. She takes her clients from breakdowns to breakthroughs by guiding them through a powerful healing process that helps them discover who they are, who they wish to be, and how to get there. She is an avid foodie who loves to pray, meditate, laugh, travel, spend time with friends and family and sit at the feet of her teachers and mentors. It’s your time to breakthrough fears and make a greater impact and it all begins within you.

Avalaura is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, DC. Additionally, she is a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor. Transform with Avalaura’s support and contact her today for a consultation now

Avalaura says:

I work with people who feel called to do big, great and meaningful work in the world and for whatever reason, they’re either not doing it or worse, they’re doing it unfulfilled


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Website: http://www.avalaura.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AvalaurasHealingCenter/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HealerAvalaura
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avalaura/
Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/avalaura-heal-my-life/id1306378780
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/avalaura2005/


Akan “The Artist”


Our first interview was taken place last year and shot in one setting. We highlighted Akan, a local entrepreneur artist in Baltimore, MD. His passion for the creative arts and life experiences growing up in Baltimore allows his artwork to speak for itself, expressing the good and bad of life experiences but also creating a story to inspire and change the way the other young artist view the life of Baltimore and beyond.

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IG @Akanartist

Website: akanartist.bigcartel.com


Femi “Big Ability, LLC”


Femi is the CEO & Co-Founder of Big Ability, LLC. He started the company in 2015 with a vision that “Creativity has no Structure.” This vision has guided the company to becoming a full service marketing and brand builder that helps small and urban businesses with branding and advertising.

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Website: http://bigabilityad.com/


Deborah “Kalos Fitness, LLC”


Deborah “Thompson” Stephenson is the Founder of  Kalos Fitness, LLC. Kalos Fitness is a small company dedicated to spreading health, fitness and wellness to all women. They have developed a health and fitness business structure that offers services in: Zumba, boot camp classes, nutritional newsletters, and health tips. Furthermore, they also help out in the community by volunteering throughout the year with varies nonprofit organizations to assist individuals with health and wellness guidance. In addition to Kalos Fitness offerings, they also provide healthy meal options such as meal plans and homemade organic smoothie blends in the form of cubes to make a super convenient healthy meal or snack for any client.

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Website: http://kalos.fitness/


David “Tribalife Brand Apparel, LLC”


David Chijioke is the founder of Tribalife Brand Apparel, LLC. He created his company with the vision and mission to put “humans first.” As a young entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD he believes that putting people first in anything you do creates an environment for collaboration and coexistence. The Tribalife Brand Apparel is all about promoting different cultures, uniting them as one and impacting the community. Therefore as a part of his vision for a “people first company,” a portion of his sales has contributed to award a scholarship to a local student in his district. Through his brand, David is making strides to improve and impact his community.

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Feyi “Project Beautify You, Inc. (PBY Inc.)”


Founded in 2011, and established in 2013, Project Beautify You, Inc. (PBY Inc.) is a nonprofit organization created by Feyi Odukoya after her encounter with an 8 year old battling self-esteem issues. Beginning the program with 5 girls, PBY Inc. set a goal to help girls reach their highest potential. PBY Inc. is a leadership development program, for girls in grades 8 thru 12, with a mission to teach girls how to be leaders by preparing them for college, career, and life success, through building their self-worth, confidence, and purpose. PBY Inc. focuses on equipping girls from underserved neighborhoods with the resources needed to thrive academically, professionally, and socially, so that they can break the cycle of poverty and become contributing members of their communities. Since its inception, PBY Inc. has worked with over 300 girls in Maryland, DC, and Virginia through its various programs, conferences, and partnerships. PBY Inc. alumnae are millennial leaders, and 100% of participants believe more girls should be a part of the program.

Feyi Odukoya is a social entrepreneur determined to instill boldness in girls and women, while teaching them to live a life of purpose. After starting her first business at the age of 13, Feyi became passionate about discovering how to best use her gifts & talents to touch the lives of others. Motivated by an encounter with an 8 year-old battling self-esteem issues, Feyi quit her job as an auditor in order to fully focus on Project Beautify You, Inc.  (PBY Inc.), a nonprofit organization she founded, whose mission is to teach middle and high school girls how to be leaders by preparing them for college, career, and life success, through building their self-worth, confidence, and purpose. PBY Inc. focuses on equipping girls from underserved neighborhoods with the resources needed to thrive academically, professionally, and socially, so that they can break the cycle of poverty and become contributing members of their communities.

Feyi is a tireless advocate for young women, and has been recognized internationally for her work. She was selected as a National Ambassador for Procter & Gamble’s My Black is Beautiful initiative, honored as DMV 30 under 30 by 93.9 WKYS, Prince George’s County 40 under 40 and more. Feyi’s work has also been featured in O Magazine, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise magazine and more. A Maryland native and first generation Nigerian, Feyi has spoken to young women globally and looks forward to impacting more women.

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Twitter @feyiodukoya

Website: http://www.feyiodukoya.com/